Social Media Trends

Social Television Use

  • TV Season 2015-2016 in Review: The Biggest Social TV Moments (Nielsen report, June 6, 2016) "With nearly a billion Tweets sent in the U.S. about TV during the 2015-2016 season, social media continues to play a starring role in fans’ living rooms. Audiences gathered on Twitter this season to discuss the fate of zombie apocalypse survivors, bid farewell to the Black Mamba during his final game as a Laker, and comment on the Bachelor’s questionable love interests. From Frank Underwood’s fictional campaign for reelection to a series of Presidential primary debates that seemed stranger than fiction, the American people also took to Twitter to document the political rat races as they unfolded on screen."
    • Top hashtags Superbowl 50 #SB50, 3.7 million; Oscars #OSCARS 2.9 million
    • Top mentions @KANYEWEST, 489K; @KOBEBRYANT, 367K
    • Top series Walking Dead, 435K average; Empire, 387K average; Game of Thrones, 252K average.
    • Top specials Grammy Awards, 7.6 million; The Oscars, 7.2 million; 2015 American Music Awards, 5.3 million; IHeartRadio Music Awards, 3.3 million; State of the Union 2016, 2.5 million
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