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Boosting Social Media Message Views

  • Tips for Increasing YouTube views from entrepreneur.com The Web page is "How to Start a Business Online." The YouTube tips video is at the bottom of the page.
  • How to Do a Snapchat Takeover "Snapchat Takeovers offer brands a way to authentically connect with audiences and grow their Snapchat channels by leveraging a social media star's engaged followers. Follow our simple Snapchat Takeover strategy to develop, promote, and launch a successful Snapchat influencer marketing campaign." (Website Magazine, June 15, 2016).

Characteristics of Specific Social Media Platforms

Social Media Metrics

  • Note: It's important to know about the source of metrics data in order to estimate its accuracy. Was it collected in a manner that might skew the results? Is the information missing or overestimating certain users or types of use? Are the people who are presenting the data being paid in a manner that would make them more likely to bias the results in some way? Are multiple sites reporting data from the same source, along with any inaccuracies in that source's data? The sources of data listed here may or may not present this type of information, so think critically about the data and consider ways that you can verify its accuracy.
  • Social Blade. Tracks and ranks social media channels by number of subscribers, number of views, and estimated income. Provides data and charts for daily, monthly, and yearly periods.
  • Business of Apps site I haven't investigated the source of this information for accuracy, but it could be compared to data from other known sources. I like their long list of apps with information about the origins, ownership, and current stats about each app.
  • Hootsuite. Sometimes Hootsuite publicly releases some of its data. You might do a Web search for these types of reports.
  • Statista You can find statistics on lots of different things here. I still need to dig deeper into the sources of their data.
  • Various snapshot reports
    • Global social media trends: which platforms do people like—and trust? by Colette Des Georges for Survey Monkey. I like the types of questions being asked here, but when was the survey conducted? Who were the participants? What sampling method was used? What survey instrument was used (I assume it was an online survey, since the site is Survey Monkey, but I don't know.) So many questions... I'm interested in the data, but I wouldn't use it or share it until I get some answers.

Interactive Nature of Social Media

Social Media Business

Social Media Culture

Social Media Communication Strategy

Unintended Social Media Effects and Events

  • All of Mexico Is Gearing Up For Rubi's Epic Quinceañera posted on nbc.com. Parents accidentally posted an invitation to their daughter's "Sweet 15th" as a public post. As of 14 days before the party, 1.3 million people have said they're going to attend. An airline is offering discount flights to get there, and the town is requesting Red Cross support. (December 9, 2016).

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