Multimedia Production

What do we mean by "multimedia production"? In terms of sensory modes, it's the creation of media messages that makes use of a combination of visual, audio, and possibly other information. In communication theory terms, it's the use of technological channels that can carry text, still images, motion images, animated presentations (e.g., transitions), and audio. In new media, it tends to imply an interactive communication process.

To understand the best designs for the multimedia to be produced, it is important to consider media user research in areas such as user experience (UX), media effects, graphic design, and strategic communication.

Accordingly, the Multimedia Production topic is divided into two main groups: 1) the technical processes of production (e.g., tutorials and best practices for creating Web sites, Wikis, Recordings, etc.) and 2) relevant research, theory, discussion of issues, and strategic practice in the use of multimedia.

Since technology is always advancing, it's also worth keeping an eye on current news. Over time, the current news section may also serve as a history of things that come, go, fizzle, and grow.

Technical Processes

Research, Theory, Issues, and Practice

Tech News, Present and Past

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tech Automation

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