Audio Production: Technical Processes

Online Teaching Services / Subscriptions

  • Lynda.com All kinds of media production and other stuff.
  • The Production Academy Lots of videos on teaching live sound, especially for music. $29/month (2018). 30 day free trial for Soundgirls.org members.
  • Sound Design Live - Tuning audio systems, how to make money as a sound engineer. It offers Soundgirls.org members:
    • Beginner: Get Started with Sound System Tuning is a free 40-part video series to get you up and running with your first measurements in Smaart or SATlive. It includes videos like How to build your own 2-channel audio analyzer for FREE and STOP Smaarting the Sound System.
    • Intermediate: Pro Audio Workshop: Seeing Sound is the world’s only self-paced online training in sound system tuning guaranteed to improve your confidence and consistency with the highest level of support in the industry. Its 57 video lessons walk you step-by-step through speaker placement, aim, EQ, and crossover alignment with real-world examples and assignments to quickly and effectively maximize your results in any room.
  • Film Scoring

Explanations of Technology

360 and VR Sound

Audio Production for Cinema


Ear Training

Recording / Tracking


Choosing the Right Mic
Ribbon Mics

Wireless Mics

Recording Techniques

Large Ensemble
Mobile & Phone

Mic Positions

Recording Samples for Electronic Music production

  • Early Documentary about Sampling on YouTube. "Uploaded on Dec 23, 2011... documentary about sampling made by an Aussie T.V station back in 1988 before the laws we're changed to regulate the practice." Deals with plagiarism, copyright infringement, and artistic creativity. (Approx. 8 min.)
  • Copyright Criminals. An episode of Independent Lens on PBS. Posted on YouTube. (Approx. 56 min.)

Signal Processing and Post Production

Individual processes

Getting a Guitar Sound


  • Analog
  • Digital
    • Stems for Mixing Practice and Assignments
      • Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio Additional Resources. There are more stems here than I have time to count. They cover a wide range of music styles. They are for educational purposes only and accompany the book Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio by Mike Senior. (Second edition published 2019).


Software / Programs / Apps

  • Soundleech Records audio from apps in your computer. Free.

Radio Production Resources

  • AudioBlocks.com Royalty free music and sound effects for an inexpensive annual subscription.
  • Music Radio Creative "You are the creator, we give you the tools. DJ drops, podcast intros, radio jingles, commercials and so much more..."

Television and Movie Sound

  • April Tucker blog April holds both a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Recording, and has over 10 years experience in the field. April works primarily as a re-recording mixer and sound editor (based in Los Angeles), but also has experience as a music editor and mixer, and ADR and Foley engineer.
  • Film and Game Scoring

Examples of Audio Production





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